To receive a replacement write technical support

What do you need to get a replacement?


1.3.1 Mandatory video availability. Replacement of goods without video recording is not carried out.

IMPORTANT! The video must be recorded from the very beginning of the payment until the end of the verification.
Full screen, including the visibility of the "Date" and the Start menu.
The cursor should be visible.
Without pauses, delays, freeze frames and other frauds associated with the installation.
The video must be recorded from the time of payment for the goods until the verification of data.
Video recording is the only proof on your part that the data at the time of purchase were really inoperative. If you don’t have the opportunity to record a video, you can contact the seller for additional product verification at the contacts listed on the site.

How to apply for an account replacement:

1. I bought (a) product name

2. In the amount of (...)

3. In quantity (...).

4. Paid (a) from the wallet (number)

5. Purchase time (...)

6. Problem: (description of the problem)

7.Video uploaded to file hosting or YouTube, where it is clearly visible that the account is not valid (login and password are incorrect) and the time when the video was made!

8. Your e-mail address indicated at purchase